6 Reasons to get your MBA in Japan at Hitotsubashi ICS

Posted by Aiko Tokiyama on Aug 29, 2019 5:05:00 PM

Deciding where to do an MBA involves a large number of variables, like any other life-changing decision. If you are on the fence, trying to weigh the financial investment required and the opportunity cost versus the benefits of each program, consider these six reasons to join Hitotsubashi ICS, the best MBA in Japan (#1 MBA program - 2022 QS Rankings).

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1. ROI

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an MBA program anywhere with a higher ROI. Hitotsubashi ICS is ranked as the best MBA in Japan in English, but because we are a public university, tuition is highly subsidized. At ¥642,960 per year (About US$5,600 per year) for a full-time MBA, the ROI is extraordinary.



2. Highly Customizable Format

You can choose between our 1-year and 2-year FT MBA and our EMBA. For those who choose the two-year FT MBA, the second year is fully customizable; you can take another degree in the second year at one of our partner business schools, or do a mix of internships, go on exchange programs, or work on a research project with a faculty member.


Image: Curriculum structure of 2019, for reference only, subject to change without notice.


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3. Expand your network to a Global Network

Doing your MBA at Hitotsubashi ICS will not only grant you access to a network in Japan but also across the globe. Our two-year MBA program offers a Double Degree with four business schools across Asia, and one in the USA: IIMB, PKU*, Renmin, SNU, and Yale SOM. Important note*: The double degree program at PKU requires students to be enrolled for 2 more years and a  thesis defense must be passed in order to obtain the degree. 

Hitotsubashi ICS is also part of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), in which the top 30 business schools around the world offer several opportunities for students to participate in competitions, shared courses, and a one-week intensive course called GNW.


4. Differentiation / Edge

Earning an MBA in Japan will give you an edge. One of the biggest advantages in business is differentiation, something that makes your product or service “unique”. Why not apply that to your career? The Hitotsubashi ICS program focuses on discussion-based and participant-centered learning and is targeted to develop business leaders that are experts on Japan, that are immersed in Asia, and that will make a significant impact on the world.

Holding an MBA from Hitotsubashi ICS differentiates you from other MBAs in the job market, which is increasingly seeking culturally savvy professionals with a global mindset and a deep understanding of Japanese business.  Hitotsubashi ICS helps you to develop regional expertise on Japan and Asia through the various classes and sessions in which you will learn about business practices unique to Japan, and more importantly, their underlying logic.  You’ll also develop cross-cultural communication skills and global leadership skills on a daily basis in the classroom as you work on projects with classmates from many countries/cultures.



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5. Access to Real Business

Expand your learning experience outside the classroom, in one of the largest and most creative cities in the world, Tokyo. Our campus is located in the central business district and our faculty members are widely connected to the business world. Several Hitotsubashi ICS faculty members worked in the private sector before joining ICS, so we have former consultants, investment bankers, and other industry leaders.

Doing your MBA at Hitotsubashi ICS will not only broaden your personal network (20% Japanese / 80% international students), it will also provide the chance to meet real-world business leaders in Japan and from across the globe as they visit our campus to share their experiences.  In the past year, students met executives from over 30 global companies, including Sony, PwC, TikTok, Coca-Cola, Line, and Uniqlo.


6. Outstanding Career Services

Hitotsubashi ICS Career Services has expertise in working with students who desire to develop their global career in Japan. We work with each one individually to equip them for their job search. We hold resume’ clinics (English and Japanese), mock interviews, alumni talk sessions, and workshops to ensure you fully understand Japanese recruitment practices and protocols. Hitotsubashi iCS Career Services also actively engages with employers who are seeking “global talent”. For many Japanese companies, hiring talented professionals has become a top priority and they regard Hitotsubashi ICS as the top source of such global talent. HitotsubashiICS_Graduates_WorkafterMBA


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Learn more about our Executive MBA, Two-Year FT MBA and One-Year FT MBA Programs at Hitotsubashi ICS or sign up to attend one of our upcoming events here.


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