Student Board 2020 Is Now On!

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Oct 28, 2020 5:00:00 PM

With ten elected positions, the MBA Student Board at Hitotsubashi ICS offers students the opportunity to lead, support, and shape program activities throughout the year, such as Open Campus and Auction Day. Its contribution to the Hitotsubashi ICS experience has been extremely valuable over the years, as it embodies and promotes our positive, familial spirit.

This year, the election was conducted over Miro and Zoom, and even in this difficult situation, 13 students ran as candidates, and 10 students were elected.

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Here’s our newly elected student board this year, along with a description of their goals and viewpoints toward their new roles!

Student Board 2020

Charlie PortraitCharlie (Academic Rep)

Although we started this academic year online with most of us still outside Japan, we, the Student Board, will work in an intelligent way to tackle any diffi
culties and help the class of 2020 achieve the best of two worlds.
Leandro Portrait

Leandro (1-Year Rep)

Let's work hard together and make this the best year of our lives!
Win Portrait

Win (2-Year Rep)

I'm very excited to spend the coming year with everyone. Let's try our best to make this a meaningful and awesome one! :)
Ashley Portrait

Ashley (YLP Rep)

Shared pain brings people together. We won't let the COVID-19 crisis defeat our fighting spirit!
Shin Portrait

Shin (Social Rep)

I would like to know each of my classmates more and create good relationships by making good memories with YOU. I'd like to work hard to make our ICS life 
successful. Let's enjoy it!
Rita Portrait

Rita (Social Rep)

Study hard, play harderrrr! No more cases, I promise you!!
Neil Portrait

Neil (ICT Rep)

There is unity in diversity. We will bridge cross-border relationships through technology and collaboration.
Pun Portrait

Pun (Treasurer)

Let's make our ICS life a memorable and magical experience together!! \(^0^)/
Joyce Portrait
Joyce (Treasurer)
I'm excited for the ride into the year ahead with my classmates. A year like this one is meant for building everlasting friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!
Aya Portrait
Aya (GNAM Rep)
Let's be the change we want to see together!
The first important event is Auction Day, coming October 31, which will be conducted completely online. Rita will be taking over our official Instagram account to post how the Board will prepare for the day 
that will start a new chapter in our history, and to share the daily life of the Class of 2020. Stay tuned to our Student Board activities and our Instagram account!
2020 Student Board
Student Board Roles
Academic Rep: Serves as a point of contact for faculty and students to communicate with each other.
1-Year Representative: Support / Represent 1-Year Program students.
2 -Year Representative: Support / Represent 2-Year Program students. 
YLP Representative: Support / Represent YLP Program students.
Social Representatives: Organize social activities; coordinate with Treasurer and MBA Office.
ICT Representative: Manage “digitalization” (online polls, spreadsheets, social media, etc.) and support students and faculty.
Treasurers: Create a budget for social events and other events based on the amount raised during Auction Day.
GNAM Ambassador: Represent ICS in communication/coordination with other students at other GNAM schools.


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