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It has been three years since the EMBA program was launched at Hitotsubashi ICS. How has the program actually been impacting alumni's lives since their graduation? We had the chance to hear stories from each year's alumni.
The first edition is about  two alumni of the Class of 2017, the very first students of this international EMBA program in Japan.
Naheel Wafa Dajany
"The knowledge acquired during the EMBA and all the experiences in my company are the foundation that is helping me navigate these very difficult times...."

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Why Hitotsubashi ICS’s EMBA program?

It was ideal for me to learn about the commonalities and differences between global and Japanese businesses, and the challenges faced when East and West interact.
Also, Hitotsubashi ICS focuses on innovation. The aviation industry has always been a complex industry, requiring constant innovation, adaptation, and execution.

What was the most memorable moment during your EMBA?

Throwing the graduation cap in the air with my classmates was definitely one of the greatest moments. It was that precise instant when I thought, "Mission accomplished." 


What would you say were the 3 key lessons from the program?

  • Thinking outside the box is essential when creating new business models and adapting to the high speed of business.
  • The importance of networking and acquiring valuable cross-industry knowledge, which is a global trend and has shown remarkable successes.
  • It is possible to solve social issues and run profitable businesses at the same time.

Naheel 1

How did the EMBA program impact your career?

The program was a reminder that knowledge is always evolving, and expertise is clearly an asset, but it requires curiosity, creativity, and being ready to embrace uncertainty, bigger challenges, disruptions, calculated risks, and game-changers. Now, in times of crisis, the knowledge acquired during the EMBA and all the experiences in my company are the foundation that is helping me navigate these very difficult times for the aviation industry and the world economy. I changed my decision-making process, combining the Japanese and European ways of doing business for value-added, innovative solutions. 

Advice to “Kohai” or future EMBAs

Change is constant in life. Always be ready for the unexpected and adapt at high speed, while keeping valuable traditions. Help others to grow and reach their noble aspirations. It is not just good for you, but also for society and business.

Naheel Wafa Dajany's career

Before : Global Corporate Communications Director in ANAHitotsubashi ICS Alumna Naheel

After : Senior Director, Alliances & International Affairs in ANA


Manzur Mahtab
"The program helped me rediscover the purpose of my career."

Why Hitotsubashi ICS’s EMBA program?

I was looking for an EMBA program to brush up my managerial and leadership skills that offers

  1. Good mix of academics and practical contents
  2. Taught by reputed and knowledgeable faculties
  3. Provides access to partner global schools and business leaders without leaving job.

I was very fortunate to find Hitotsubashi ICS EMBA program that meets all.


What was the most memorable moment during your EMBA?


The three Immersion programs. We learned how a small NGO in India and tech giant Google are similar in making our world a better place with a great vision and purpose. The bond we made during our Immersion programs with classmates, faculty members, and supporting organizations is a life-long asset.


What would you say were the 3 key lessons from the program?

  • Taking no risk is a risk 
    Getting out of comfort zone, keeping a positive growth mindset and purpose to contribute for greater good will help us to navigate during difficult times to achieve success/happiness.
  • Business is a combination of science and art.
    The program helped us develop soft skills and not just hard skills, which are important for one’s leadership capabilities to make data driven and at times human-calculated decisions.
  • Both the Design and System Thinking approaches and application can innovate good outcomes or solve a problem


How did the EMBA program impact your career?

 As I look back and reassess my EMBA program and experience, the program really helped me to brush up my academic and practical skills of Business and Personal Management. More importantly, I rediscovered the purpose of my career which is “Drive and Enable Transformation and Change for Organizations to Create Impact and Value” that I was and still doing in all the organizations I worked till today.
We had many opportunities to discuss topics with iconic CEOs, business leaders and case business case protagonists who formed their life and company missions, which helped them build corporate culture, values, and guiding principles to make tough decisions in difficult times to stay on course.
I tried to reevaluate my professional achievements and rediscovered the purpose that is the driving force of my motivation and engagement.
I now have more trusted business advisors and mentors whom I came to know as classmates, faculty members, and business community leaders during the EMBA program who helps to think out of box, add positive energy and different perspectives from their diverse background and experiences; this helps me to develop and grow personally and professionally. 

Manzur_ICS_Digital Transformation Forum

                         When Manzur participated as a guest speaker in the Digital Transformation Forum

Advice to “Kohai” or future EMBAs

In sports, if you want to be a good player, you need to play with best players. If you are considering an EMBA in Asia, I strongly recommend this program.

 Manzur Mahtab's career

Manzur_MahtabBefore: Head of Digital and Technology, CBRE, Japan (June, 2010 – June 2018)

After: Senior Manager, Digital Transformation and IT Strategy Office, Fast Retailing (July, 2018 – Jan, 2020); Currently Manager, Digital Platform Operations, Philip Morris International, Japan



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