Virtual Tour of Hitotsubashi ICS Campus and Neighborhood

Posted by Byline ICS on May 27, 2020 8:00:00 PM

The state of emergency has been lifted, but there’s no need to rush to the streets! Why not do some virtual reconnaissance on some ICS-related locations?

Pop into Chiyoda campus, walk around the Imperial Palace, or discover the hidden beauty of Kanematsu Hall and the library on the Hitotsubashi main campus on Google Street View!

ICS Building (Chiyoda Campus)

Hitotsubashi ICS resides on Chiyoda campus, which is located in the heart of Tokyo, just few minutes’ walk from Tokyo Station. Chiyoda Campus is centrally located in Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, where the university originated more than 140 years ago. This campus is housed in a 23-story modern building called the National Center of Sciences, which is equipped with the latest communication technology, a library, conference rooms, and other facilities. 

We have classrooms, a digital studio, a gym, a small library. And don’t forget Hitotsubashi Hall, the venue for Commencement and for Alumni Day.


Josui Kaikan

Right next to the ICS building, we have Josui Kaikan, which was built by Josuikai, the alumni organization of Hitotsubashi University. You will celebrate your graduation in one of the Josui Kaikan rooms.


Imperial Palace

Just few minutes’ walk from ICS, you will find the postcard-perfect Imperial Palace, the residence of Japan's Imperial Family and the former site of Edo Castle. Although we can’t access the inner grounds of the palace, the East Gardens are open to the public throughout the year. A quick jaunt through the Imperial Palace gardens to soak up the beauty is a wonderful study break! 

The site of former Edo Castle

Entrance of East Garden from Otemachi side


Hitotsubashi University main campus (Kunitachi Campus)

Hitotsubashi University’s main campus is an hour away from Chiyoda Campus. Although most of ICS’s courses are held on the Chiyoda campus, the student dormitory and other graduate schools are located on this campus. 

Main Campus



Kanematsu Hall

Kanematsu hall is a Romanesque building with beautiful Lombard band arches.


Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC)

Many ICS students live at TIEC, which is located in Odaiba near the Fuji Television headquarters, also about an hour away from Chiyoda Campus.


Did you discover a place that you’d like to visit in person? Vow to visit soon!

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