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Posted by Haruka Ki on May 12, 2021 8:00:00 PM

In 2020, 87% of the graduates who were job-hunting in Japan successfully found a job. In particular, amongst the two-year program graduates who were actively seeking a job in Japan, 100% of them were offered a position.  

Unlike last year, more graduates who don’t speak any Japanese decided to stay and work in Japan this year. Since most companies require at least a JLPT N2 level of Japanese, the language barrier makes these graduates’ job-hunting experience a little bit challenging. Japan is gradually lowering the language bar in order to attract more foreign workers. Also, in a trend toward globalization, more companies are tending to hire international prospects. This means there will be more opportunities for non-Japanese speakers in the future.

The pie chart below shows 2020 work placement by industry. Half of our graduates were working in the energy and healthcare fields in 2020, which marks a substantial difference from 2019.

Work placement


Employer types vary from start-up businesses to world-class corporations, and from Japanese to international/multinational corporations. As can be seen in the graph below, 58% of employers are Japanese companies, which is 11% higher than the previous year.


Japanese vs Interntional


Many graduates did not only change their location, but almost all of them also changed their industry or their job function. One graduate even changed all three, which is considered to be one of the most difficult things one can do in his or her career path. As you can see, joining ICS is an efficient way to change careers and prepare for working in Japan. 


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2020 was a tough year for job hunters. Some industries were heavily impacted by COVID-19, and many companies implemented a hiring freeze or had to downsize their operations. Our ICSers evaded the effects of COVID-19 by strategically creating job-searching procedures. While job-hunting, it’s important not to be overwhelmed by adverse circumstances. To turn a crisis into an opportunity, it’s beneficial to keep calm, analyze industries and companies, reflect on yourself, and make the most of your network.

The leadership skills and sense of global business held by ICS graduates are regarded with high esteem by employers. Our graduates’ ability to foster international relations, close the gap between cultural boundaries, and open Japanese companies up to global markets are especially valued by them.



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