MBA in Japan as a Mother - and my journey of going on Exchange during the Pandemic

Posted by Byline ICS on Apr 9, 2022 11:06:00 AM

In this edition of Byline ICS, Coco, a 2-year student in Hitotsubashi ICS's MBA Program, talks about her experience of being an "ICSer" (ICS student), busy MBA student and mother - all while living in a different continent for over a year - as well as her time in US on exchange at one of the country's most prestigious business schools, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business with her family.

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Event Report  I Webinar with the Berkeley Research Group

Posted by Norio Imai on Apr 27, 2021 9:05:56 AM

On January 26, 2021, a webinar titled “DYNAMIC CAPABILITIES AND ORGANIZATIONAL AGILITY: RISK, UNCERTAINTY, AND STRATEGY IN THE NEW NORMAL” was hosted by Hitotsubashi ICS and The Berkeley Research Group.

Dean Kaz facilitated the 90-minute webinar, where three prominent professors gave presentations followed by a Q&A session.

Norio Imai, a DBA student of Hitotsubashi ICS shared the event report with us. 

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The BEST Alliance, Uniting 3 of the Best Business Schools in Asia

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Apr 9, 2021 2:43:00 PM

In March 2021, we were honored to renew or partnership for the BEST Alliance (Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo), uniting Hitotsubashi ICS with two Top Business Schools, Guanghua School of Management at Peking University (PKU) and Graduate School of Business at Seoul National University (SNU).

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Double Degree Program to PKU | Student Voice

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Apr 7, 2021 8:00:00 PM

One of the most attractive features of Hitotsubashi ICS is the double-degree program, which is an option for students in the two-year program.

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Small Network Online Courses: SNOC | Student Voices

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Mar 17, 2021 8:00:00 PM
Are you wondering if now is the right time to get an MBA because of the impact of COVID-19 and the lack of certainty of exchange opportunities? Hitotsubashi ICS is the only school in Japan that participates in GNAM, a network of the world's top business schools, which allows students to participate in online classes for credit called Small Network Online Courses, SNOC, offered by other business schools. Today we asked some of our students who participated in SNOC at EGADE, Yale, and IE what it was really like to participate!
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Interview with Professor Satoko Suzuki on GNW Tokyo 2021

Posted by Mina Nishisaka on Mar 12, 2021 2:21:28 PM

In this edition of our faculty interview series, the marketing team sat down with Associate Professor Satoko Suzuki. Her research interests lie in business and culture. She has been invited to various academic conferences to present her research, and has been actively providing advice to central and local governments for marketing and globalization. At the Hitotsubashi ICS MBA program, she teaches Marketing, Design Thinking, and leads the Global Network Week program.

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Global Network MBA Stock Trading Competition!

Posted by Byline ICS on Mar 8, 2021 12:47:02 PM
Joon, Win, and Yisze from Class of 2020 participated in the final round of the Yale Stock Trading Game Competition hosted by GNAM!
In this competition, over 531 students registered and 306 students from 12 GNAM partner schools participated. From Hitotsubashi ICS, 11 students participated in the regional competition held on February 3, and the above three students made it to the final round held on February 17. Only one third of the 306 participants passed to the final round.  
This competition used Yale's Stock Trading Game , which is a fun, fast and efficient tool to understand the mechanics of capital markets and stock trades.  
At Hitotsubashi ICS, Professor Masa Hattori was the faculty advisor and held a kick-off meeting with prospective participants on January 6 to strategize how to win the competition until the actual event.
In this blog article, we asked the three students who successfully made it to the final round about their impressions of the competition!
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Exchange Program experiences at CEU and LBS | Student Voices

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Feb 9, 2021 8:00:00 PM
At Hitotsubashi ICS, there are 18 business schools that offer exchange programs with our school.
Although many exchange programs are now online or postponed, in order for you to learn more about the exchange programs, we have asked alumni who have participated in exchange programs at Central European University (CEU) in Hungary, and London Business School (LBS) in the UK about their experience.

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Building a Global Network During Your MBA Program

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Dec 11, 2020 1:37:01 AM

Ambitious individuals who take the time and effort to earn their Master of Business Administration (MBA) are well aware of the many potential advantages of the qualification, which can include career advancement, higher earnings, and more. Research has revealed that networking is also key to career advancement. In fact, many mid-career professionals with MBA backgrounds credit networking with creating more professional opportunities. With this in mind, when selecting an MBA program, it’s wise to pick an establishment reputed for its networking opportunities. An international MBA program becomes an especially ideal avenue for generating a network on a global scale.  

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Why a Global Network Course Can Be a Career Game-Changer

Posted by Byline ICS on Nov 19, 2020 9:06:37 AM

The Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) Schools will be offering thirty-three Global Network courses in the coming term, a significant increase from the usual four to eight such courses typically offered. Students interested in such courses have responded enthusiastically to the increase in topic offerings, with hundreds of first-round applications streaming in. 

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Doing Business in Asia immersion trip | MBA student voice

Posted by Simon Laube on Mar 13, 2020 5:05:00 PM

Doing Business in Asia, (DBiA) is a three-week program combining three cities and their unique features into one curriculum. In Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo ten students from each Business School, PKU, SNU and ICS take classes, visit companies, and experience culture while fostering relationships among each other.

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Global Survey on Sustainability and the SDGs results are in...

Posted by Byline ICS on Dec 4, 2019 10:59:32 AM

The results of the Rising Leaders on the Sustainable Development Goals Report reveal regional, gender differences in assessing global priorities.

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6 Reasons to get your MBA in Japan at Hitotsubashi ICS

Posted by Aiko Tokiyama on Aug 29, 2019 5:05:00 PM

Deciding where to do an MBA involves a large number of variables, like any other life-changing decision. If you are on the fence, trying to weigh the financial investment required and the opportunity cost versus the benefits of each program, consider these six reasons to join Hitotsubashi ICS, the best MBA in Japan (#1 MBA program - 2022 QS Rankings).

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Growth & Development

Posted by Jatin Batra on May 21, 2019 12:40:38 PM

I would like to share some slightly different perspectives; some of which are becoming ever more common amongst business minds and others that I believe need to be rapidly adopted by future business leaders, both in Japan and globally. While I hold no delusions that my career path is singularly unique; my background, my experiences, and my journey remain intrinsically tied to me and give me a unique view that I would like to share. I began my career as an investment banker on Wall Street but left it behind for an opportunity to work in development in Sub-Saharan Africa and subsequently in the U.S. Following which, I joined Yale School of Management as an MBA student and most recently Hitotsubashi ICS as an exchange student. During my time in Japan both as an ICS student and as a Tokyo resident, I’ve been able to add another perspective by contrasting the challenges of a stagnating Japan with the opportunities of a rising Sub-Saharan Africa. However, I know that my world view and my form of development is still incomplete. After completing my MBA, I will continue to build my social enterprise and begin my master’s degree in public policy.

I think there is a misconception that development is somehow concessionary work or a sacrifice, but nothing could be further than the truth. I left Wall Street and strove to work in this field because its ambitions far exceed the corporate goals of profit and growth for stakeholders. Development aims to solve global challenges, build nations, raise humanity to our best levels, and ultimately bring us closer together. I feel grateful every single day that I’ve been given the opportunity to break free from corporate shackles and move on to a larger stage. My journey began the day I walked into my managing director’s office at Barclays and formalized my resignation. After leaving New York City, I packed my bags and moved across the world to Namibia to be a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer.

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The Future of the MBA

Posted by Aiko Tokiyama on Apr 26, 2019 8:00:00 AM

This month, for the second consecutive year, Hitotsubashi ICS welcomed Professor Raúl Montalvo from EGADE Business School for a short faculty exchange during Term 3 of the full-time MBA program. Professor Montalvo will teach Global Business, in which students learn strategic decision making by analyzing the implications and interdependence among the business context, business model, and business expansion and operation strategies. We sat down with Professor Montalvo to talk about the future of the MBA.

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