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EMBA Alumni Voice | Two years after graduation

Posted by Byline ICS on Dec 12, 2020 8:30:00 AM
It has been three years since the EMBA program was launched at Hitotsubashi ICS. How has the program actually been impacting alumni's lives since their graduation? We had the chance to hear stories from each year's alumni.
The first edition is about  two alumni of the Class of 2017, the very first students of this international EMBA program in Japan.
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Topics: EMBA, Student/Alumni Voice

Why a Global Network Course Can Be a Career Game-Changer: A Look for Students in MBA Programs

Posted by Byline ICS on Nov 19, 2020 9:06:37 AM

The Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) Schools will be offering thirty-three Global Network courses in the coming term, a significant increase from the usual four to eight such courses typically offered. Students interested in such courses have responded enthusiastically to the increase in topic offerings, with hundreds of first-round applications streaming in. 

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Congratulations to all the 2020 Hitotsubashi ICS graduates!

Posted by Byline ICS on Nov 7, 2020 5:00:00 PM

Hitotsubashi ICS held its first 100% online commencement ceremony on Saturday, August 22, and it was a success by all accounts. We celebrated the achievements of the graduates of the Class of 2018 (Two-Year Program), the Class of 2019 (One-Year Program, Young Leaders Program, and Double Degree Program), the EMBA Class of 2019, and the DBA Class of 2015.



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Topics: Life at Hitotsubashi ICS, COVID-19, MBA Japan

4 Reasons to Consider an International EMBA Program

Posted by Byline ICS on Nov 3, 2020 9:04:09 AM

Many ambitious professionals enter a phase of their career where they wonder what more awaits. Striding out to get an EMBA becomes an alluring option for opening new doors and substantially increasing your income potential. Once the decision has been made to pursue this coveted qualification, the next step is deciding where to take it.

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Topics: EMBA, MBA Japan

How the Right Japanese Business Program Prepares You for Working in Japan

Posted by Byline ICS on Oct 14, 2020 7:26:36 AM

If you want to work in Japan, the first step is choosing the best program to prepare you for it. Hitotsubashi ICS is committed to helping our students establish themselves in Japan, a commitment reflected by the fact that 72% of our graduates work in Japan after their studies. 

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Topics: Life at Hitotsubashi ICS, Why Hitotsubashi ICS, MBA Japan

Life in Hitotsubashi ICS | Student Voice

Posted by Byline ICS on Sep 23, 2020 4:01:22 PM


Since 85% of the students in the MBA course at Hitotsubashi ICS are from overseas, we haven’t had much opportunity to talk about the life of Japanese students. Today, we sat down with Haruna Yamamoto, who is currently enrolled in the 2-year MBA program to find out why she decided to pursue an MBA at Hitotsubashi ICS and what her life at the school is like.

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Topics: Life at Hitotsubashi ICS, Why Hitotsubashi ICS, Student/Alumni Voice

在校生 山本春奈さんへのインタビュー

Posted by Byline ICS on Sep 23, 2020 4:00:43 PM




Class of 2019 (2-year Program) 在学中
高校在学中と大学在学中にアメリカ留学を経験。一橋大学社会学部卒 業後、日本貿易振興機構(JETRO)に入構。4年半勤務したのち一橋ICSに入学。
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Topics: Life at Hitotsubashi ICS, Why Hitotsubashi ICS, Student/Alumni Voice

Faculty Interview: Professor. Shingo Oue,  new director of MBA 2020

Posted by Byline ICS on Aug 17, 2020 9:41:37 AM

Chinmay and Sai, two MBA students of class of 2019 interviewed Shingo Oue, ICS Professor, and from this autumn, our new MBA Director. They asked deep, penetrating questions like “What is the one thing from your childhood that has impacted you the most?” before diving into his vision for Hitotsubashi ICS. Below are excerpts from our interview, edited for brevity:

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Alumni Talk Session | Careers after MBA

Posted by Byline ICS on Jul 13, 2020 6:30:00 PM

Interested to know what careers do alumni take after the MBA program at Hitotsubashi ICS? Then take a peek at the Alumni Talk Session held online on Saturday, June 27! We welcomed three alumni panelists:

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Topics: Career paths, Why Hitotsubashi ICS, Student/Alumni Voice

MBA and Motherhood

Posted by Byline ICS on Jun 23, 2020 8:48:00 PM

On this Byline ICS piece, Aiko Tokiyama, one of the MBA Coordinators, interviewed two current MBA students and one alumna on their experience of studying for an MBA during the first years of motherhood. Doro started the program when her daughter was around 2. Hong found out she had been accepted to the program soon after learning she was pregnant; she began her MBA studies when her daughter was three months old. Aya welcomed her son in the same week the program started in September 2019, so joined her MBA class in March this year.

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Topics: Life at Hitotsubashi ICS, Admissions, Student/Alumni Voice

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