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While some university degrees put you on a particular career path, the post-graduation trajectories of MBA grads are pretty varied. People who go for their MBA degrees are usually mid-career professionals who have some working experience and are looking to broaden their career opportunities. Frequently, MBA students aspire to management functions or a career change. Many paths will open up to you after obtaining your MBA degree, with specific advantages for those who want to further their career in Japan or a business with Japan-related relations.

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Examples of MBA Careers in Japan

Many global MBA graduates in Japan end up in a career that is either in Japan or in a Japanese company, but in which industries are they working? And what kind of jobs do they do?

  •    Financial Services: Mizuho Financial Group, Eurex Frankfurt AG, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance, AIG Japan. Potential jobs are financial controller, financial associate, accounting associate, data analyst, etc.
  •    Consulting: Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, McKinseyPwC Japan Group. Potential jobs are positions as consultants in various industries. Japanese proficiency is compulsory for these roles.  
  •    Manufacturing: Konica Minolta, LIXIL Group, Nissan Motor, C Potential jobs are Sourcing Manager, Supplier Development Engineer, Technologies Quality Engineer.
  •    ICT: Amazon Japan, Google Japan, Rakuten. Potential jobs are data analyst, IT manager, or product manager. Potential jobs are Global Sales Partner Program Lead, Division Head of Strategy and Operations, or Director of Cross Product Enforcement
  •    Other industries: consumer goods, apparel, financial software, marketing and communication, energy

As you can see, your options as an international professional with an MBA are numerous and diverse. Your job opportunities will correspond to your interests, talents, previous experience, Japanese level, and network.

Also, during your time at the MBA, you will be exposed to many new ideas that might inspire your next career move. For example, MBA graduates have shared that a company visit a talk with a faculty member or fellow student influenced their choices. So they end up in companies or jobs that they did not even know about before starting the program. But one thing is for sure, studying for your MBA degree is only the beginning, and many doors will open to you during and after your studies.

How an MBA in Japan Helps Your Career

Choosing to do a global MBA in Tokyo means that you don't only get to live in one of the best cities in the world. It also means you can build a Japan-based and global network that can give you a significant advantage in the job market.

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Carefully Designed Curriculum

The curriculum of the Hitotsubashi ICS MBA program is carefully designed to give graduates a solid foundation in current knowledge and skills to help them succeed in an international career. Our MBA curriculum's foundation combines specialized courses and special signature courses that provide region-specific and up-to-date general business practices. 

In addition, elective courses let you deepen your comprehension and explore new ideas with faculty and fellow students. Furthermore, the Global Network Courses provide students with additional opportunities to connect with ambitious people from prestigious universities worldwide and broaden their subject coverage. 

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Affordable Tuition and Fees 

You might be surprised to learn that getting an MBA at Japan's No. 1 Business School can be a lot more affordable than obtaining one in the US or Europe. Also, getting an MBA degree from one of the most prestigious Public Universities in Japan will give you a great advantage for getting a job at a good company in Japan. Nearly all graduates from Hitotsubashi ICS get at least one offer or are placed within 3 months of graduation. Many graduates start working for companies in Japan or Japanese companies, and a significant portion changes their country, function, and industry upon graduation. 


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Work-Life in Japan

While Japanese companies are known to have a slightly conservative approach to work-life, nowadays, the landscape is diversifying rapidly. The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated digitalization and the normalization of different workstyles in Japan. It has forced even the more traditional-minded industries to modernize. Moreover, since Japan's domestic markets are shrinking with its population, international talent is becoming more attractive for many companies. Not only, because the Japanese workforce is shrinking each year, but also, because it can pay off for Japanese companies to look for (new) markets outside of Japan. 

Like anywhere else, the work culture differs significantly from company to company, so it is good to research the companies you would be interested in working for extensively before applying. During your MBA studies, you will have many opportunities to learn more about various companies through, for example, company visits, guest speakers, and an internship. This way, you can get a good idea of which companies you'd like to apply for upon graduation and enhance your chances of getting a job at a company that resonates with your values. 

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