Alumni Donation Ambassador - Hsien, Class of 2007

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Jun 10, 2022 7:15:00 PM

This June, we are running the ICS Alumni Donation Drive, a one-month initiative inviting students, alumni, faculty, and the Schools friends and family to come together, and make a collective impact on ICS' Future. 

As part of this drive, some alumni have volunteered to be ICS Alumni Donation Drive ambassadors. In this blog post, we want to introduce one of them, Hsien, an MBA alum from the Class of 2009.

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Q. How has ICS shaped you as a person?

ICS helped me to become more confident, gain professional knowledge and cultivate an open mind. I really appreciated the diversity and dynamics in the class, which made me more aware of how diversity gives us strength. I have been able to share my thoughts on knowledge creation and management and 'ba' with my colleagues and with my professional network.

Q. What is the best memory from your time at ICS?

My best memory was the ICS Auction Day where we had to put up auction items and also bid for events and items. Other memorable occasions include the Lawson presentation competition in which my team won first prize!

Q. Who was your zemi advisor? Any anecdotes you want to share with us about your zemi?

Prof. Emi Osono was my zemi advisor. She was an excellent mentor, always interested in innovation.

Q. Any fun facts you would like to share with us?

At ICS, I made a lot of good life-long friends from around the world. The best part, though, was that I met my husband at ICS!

Q. What motivated you to become an ICS Alumni Donation Drive Ambassador?

I want to give back to ICS and maintain a strong relationship with the school.

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