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Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Jun 23, 2022 7:30:00 PM

This June, we are running the ICS Alumni Donation Drive, a one-month initiative inviting students, alumni, faculty, and the Schools friends and family to come together, and make a collective impact on ICS' Future. 

In this blog, post, we want to share Khoi's story, an MBA alumnus from the Class of 2014 and also one of the ICS Alumni Donation Drive Ambassadors.

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Q.  What is the memory from your time at ICS?

So many great memories while at ICS, including Takao team-building, Knowledge Week, GNAM, DBiA, etc. I had too much fun during one year in Japan I think. If I have to pick one, I would say it was a student-led activity - climbing Mt. Fuji. The 15-hour red-eye trek was such an exciting, but also physical, challenge. I remember clearly the jubilant feeling of sheer joy among us when reached the summit. I could not have achieved this without my friends.

Q. Who was your zemi advisor? Any anecdotes you want to share with us about your zemi?

Micheal Korver. Micheal represents what's typical about ICS faculty, always available, mindful, resourceful, willingness to listen and open to exchanging ideas with his students.

Q. How has ICS shaped you as a person?

You are who you are. I don't think ICS changed who I am. One year at ICS did, however, help me solidify what I want to do with my life and, more importantly, what I can do, who I can work with and how to make people 'trust the process'.

Q. What motivated you to become an ICS Alumni Donation Drive Ambassador?

The bond amongst faculty and students at ICS is special, even years after graduation. I'd like the ICS family to grow bigger and stronger, yet maintain the same core values. So I'd love to do anything I can to help.

Q. Any fun facts you would like to share with us?

Many. But let's start with Nabe-san, my Akita-inu dog, named after a beloved friend/classmate at ICS. He brings nothing but joy to me and my family.


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