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Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Jun 3, 2022 8:00:00 PM

We are very excited to announce that this June we are running the ICS Alumni Donation Drive! A one-month initiative to invite you to come together as alumni, and make a collective impact on ICS' Future. In this Byline ICS, we would like you to meet Taku from the Class of 2003, one of the ten ICS Alumni Donation Ambassadors who are supporting the drive and spreading the word to classmates and friends. 

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Q. How has ICS shaped you as a person?

 I can't imagine what I would be today without ICS.
Having started my career as an engineer, ICS was the best choice for me as someone looking to become a CEO; the school gave me just about all the fundamentals for becoming a successful CEO.
I am also grateful for the advice I received from the faculty, introductions to contacts, golfing and the variety of relationships I continued to have after graduation.
ICS has also allowed me to form relationships with my classmates with whom I not only exchanged information, but also formed relationships that led to actual work.

Q. Who was your zemi advisor? Any anecdotes you want to share with us about your zemi?

Yoshi was my zemi adviser. We are the first bunch of the Yoshi zemi.
During the very busy core courses in the first year, Yoshi gave us a very thick marketing textbook and asked us to summarize one chapter each week and present it at the Zemi. I have bitter memories of summarizing the textbook during class because I could not prepare in time beforehand.

Q. What motivated you to become an ICS Alumni Donation Drive Ambassador?
ICS has been a great help to me and I sincerely want to return the favor in any way I can.

Q. What is the best memory from your time at ICS?

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