Post-ICS Culture: An ICS Alumni Perspective

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Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Sep 11, 2023 6:21:59 PM

During the thrilling conclusion of Fireside Chat 1, we had the incredible opportunity to unite aspiring MBA applicants with ICS alumni from different class years. Participants engaged in lively dialogues, discussing various aspects of the ICS culture, the student experience, and the MBA journey. Alumni panelists also shared valuable insights into how their post-ICS MBA experiences have contributed to their current successes in life.


Fireside Chat 1 Email -1

To kick off the event, we extended a warm welcome to all participants of this exciting online gathering. We then proceeded to provide an overview of the agenda and introduce the incredible ICS alumni participating. We also highlighted the two 15-minute breakout sessions where participants could interact and engage with the alumni.

In each breakout room, ICS alumni were asked to first introduce themselves and to answer some or all of the pre-prepared questions. Alumni volunteers then addressed any follow-up questions participants had.

2024 R1 FC1 ICS Alumni screenshot

Participating ICS alumni panelists

With approximately 40 participants eagerly joining the inaugural Fireside Chat, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation as alumni shared their MBA experiences. To better understand the diverse backgrounds of our participants, we conducted a Poll Everywhere survey to determine their geographical origins.

2024 R1 FC1 Where are you originally planLive survey where the participants are originally from

After the survey, participants were divided into four breakout rooms, where they engaged in vibrant discussions about their most memorable academic and social experiences during their MBA journey at Hitotsubashi ICS. The alumni unanimously agreed that they developed a strong sense of bond, camaraderie, and family during their time at ICS—a connection that continues to this day. Some alumni even organize annual get-togethers, while others hold regular 'nomikais' (Japanese drinking parties) to further nurture their relationships.

When alumni were asked why they chose Hitotsubashi ICS over other schools, they highlighted the classroom's valuable diversity. Students come from various nationalities and industry backgrounds, enriching the learning experience by allowing for the acquisition of knowledge from different perspectives. This diversity aligns perfectly with Hitotsubashi ICS' Mission, Vision and Values

2024 R1 FC1 Q&A 1

2024 R1 FC1 Q&A 2Alumni answering live questions or comments from participants 

We extend our deepest appreciation to our alumni, whose unwavering support was instrumental in making this event a resounding success: Nao Kumabe (EMBA 2021), Chris Duston (MBA 2003), Chun Steven Yang (MBA 2004), and Shin-Feei Siow (MBA 2006). We would also like to acknowledge Jewelle Solijon (MBA 2022), who had planned to join us but could not due to a last-minute family emergency.  

2024 R1 FC1 ICS Alumni 1


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