Why Hitotsubashi ICS? Introducing the University and its MBA Program

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Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Sep 6, 2023 11:19:45 AM

During our recent online Open campus event, we had the pleasure of introducing participants to the vibrant culture of Hitotsubashi ICS, as well as providing insights into our MBA program and the unique offerings of our institution. One of the highlights was the opportunity for participants to delve into the world of Japanese Business and Economy (JBE), a signature course that forms an integral part of our MBA curriculum.


The event began with an exciting kickoff, featuring opening remarks that outlined the program's agenda and a quick introduction of the ICS alumni who would later share their MBA journeys and post-MBA experiences.

2024 R1 introduction opening remarksGoing through the agenda with alumni and faculty participation

With over 100 participants eagerly joining the online Open Campus event, the atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation. To kick off the event in an interactive and engaging manner, Prof. Yoshi Fujikawa, took the stage and launched a dynamic live survey using Poll Everywhere. The participants were invited to join the survey by simply typing the provided URL on their web browsers or scanning the QR code displayed on their screens.

2024 R1 where are you joining from? Live survey where the participants are joining from 

The next question posed to the participants was, "Have you been to Japan?" It was intriguing to discover that a majority of the participants either hailed from Japan originally or are currently residing in Japan.

2024 R1 have you been to Japan? PollMost of the participants were originally from Japan and lived/currently residing in Japan

Mock Class | Japan in 2023

In the mock class titled "Japan in 2023," we delved into the fascinating perspectives of NIS (national innovation system) and COE (center of excellence) in relation to Japan. NIS refers to the network of institutions and actors in both the public and private sectors that have a significant impact on the emergence and evolution of specific industries. On the other hand, COE represents a place, organization, or team known for excelling in a particular set of activities.

2024 R1 Mock Class

During the discussion, we explored the roles that Japan, as a center of excellence, can and should play in the global strategy of companies - Japanese companies as well as non-Japanese multinationals. We examined how Japan's robust national innovation system, with its strong network of institutions and actors, can contribute to the growth and success of companies operating across various industries.

By analyzing Japan's strengths and weaknesses, we discussed how companies can leverage Japan's advanced research and development capabilities, its focus on quality and precision, and its culture of continuous improvement to enhance their own global strategies. Moreover, we discussed how multinational corporations can benefit from operating in Japan, thereby accessing their specialized knowledge and tapping into the country's innovative ecosystem.

Overall, the mock class provided valuable insights into the potential of Japan as a center of excellence and its role in shaping the global strategies of companies. It highlighted the importance of understanding and leveraging Japan's national innovation system to drive innovation, competitiveness, and growth in the business world.

2024 R1 Mock Class Japan as COE

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our alumni for their unwavering support for this event to be a success - Nao Kumabe (EMBA 2021), Myra Basic (MBA 2006), Sachin Deodhar (MBA 2008), David Tu (MBA 2009), Aly Valdemoro (MBA 2022), and Lawrenz Alvarez (MBA 2022). In addition, we thank Prof. Kangyong Sun, Faculty-in-Charge of Admissions who provided clarity and answers to the questions posed by the participants regarding the application process. 


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