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Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Mar 25, 2021 8:30:30 PM
It is said that the daily life of MBA students at Hitotsubashi ICS is so busy that it is rumored that the "ICS" comes from "I Can't Sleep", but what is the actual schedule like? This time, we actually asked our student, Rita from the Class of 2020, about her typical daily schedule during the term!

Study group meeting 


We are assigned to a group with 5 or 6 MBA students from different areas of concentration. We discuss and assist each other with our coursework or do a rehearsal before one of our presentations.
Hitotsubashi ICS MBA Rita1-1



Classes at Hitotsubashi ICS are approximately two hours, with a 10-minute break in between morning classes.


Lunch or Zoom lunch


We love Zoom lunches since we can talk about the class we’ve just finished or talk about random, fun topics.




Student Board meeting


We have monthly or weekly Student Board meetings depending on the latest events.

Hitotsubashi ICS MBA Rita 3

Japanese language class


By either joining the elective Japanese class or the free Japanese learning activity offered by Professor Masa, we gain more confidence for living and working in Japan after graduation.

As mentioned in Shige's blog after the above schedule, students normally continue to have group discussions, do prep work, and stay up late at night or get back early in the morning to study further.
The busyness also seems to vary depending on the term and time of year. It may seem like a day full of studying, but as you can see from the photos, everyone is also doing their best to enjoy MBA life.

I hope this has given you some idea of what a day in the life of an MBA at Hitotsubashi ICS is like!

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