5 Ways a Global MBA in Japan Can Change Your Life

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Jul 7, 2022 5:45:00 PM

After having worked full-time for a few years, you may be looking for a new challenge in your career. Of course, you can simply try to get a promotion in the company you work for or find a job at a different company in a one-step-up role, but you might be interested in a more drastic change. Having some work experience is imperative, as MBA classes involve case-based discussions, so drawing on your professional experiences will contribute to peer learning.

If you are looking to expand your career options, going for a global MBA could be an excellent choice. Also, if you are keen on moving to Japan or working for a company that does business with Japanese companies, doing a global MBA in Japan could be beneficial. Here we will share five ways a global MBA in Japan can change your life. 

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1) Developing Global MBA Skills

Ranked no. 1 Business School in Japan, Hitotsubashi ICS' full-time MBA program offers a world-class curriculum that includes core MBA courses such as Accounting, Strategy, Corporate Finance, and Economics for Managers. Also, MBA students at Hitotsubashi ICS are exposed to practical skills exercises, like the Global Virtual Teams, which challenge students to negotiate deals, resolve disputes, and collaborate with global virtual counterparts. Simulation of complex real-world business situations to practice learned knowledge is also part of the curriculum. It won't feel like the first time you encounter those situations at work. 

Furthermore, being the only Business School in Japan that is part of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), ICS MBA students have exclusive access to a wide range of elective courses, Small Network Online Courses (SNOCs). SNOC courses are an excellent opportunity to meet fellow MBAs (from other 32 top business schools) and build lasting relations. You can read here about ICS MBA students who participated in SNOC at EGADE, Yale SOM, and IE and what it was really like to take classes with MBAs from other Business Schools! 

If you choose the 2-year program, the second year offers a fully customizable learning experience. So you could choose to do one or a couple of internships, go on exchange, conduct an independent research project or focus on improving their Japanese language proficiency. Getting a double degree to deepen or widen your knowledge is also one of the main reasons for choosing the 2-year MBA program. You will graduate with an extended skill set and network and have experience in two different geographies, traits that companies demand. 

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2) Relocating to Japan

Why would you want to live in Japan? For starters, Japan scores high on the OECD Better Life Index, particularly on income and wealth, education, personal safety, and housing. It is one of the most comfortable countries in the world to live in, and it is a good place to raise a family. Living in Japan, and in Tokyo in particular, may also be especially attractive for those interested in a specific part of Japanese culture such as anime, Japanese pop music, traditional art, or Japanese food. You may have also simply always dreamt of living in Japan long-term and want to finally make that dream come true. Doing a global MBA in Japan is one of the best ways to expand your network and land a job in Japan to advance your career. With the need for foreign professional talent set to increase as the population decreases, working toward a career in Japan can be a rewarding choice.  

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3) Expanding your network in Japan and globally

One of the most important advantages of doing a global MBA is the chance to considerably extend your network. Throughout the MBA program, you will be exposed to many opportunities to form meaningful connections; however, it is up to you to seize them. Building a tight network won't only provide you with invaluable friendships and good times, but it will also prove instrumental when looking for a job upon graduation and throughout your career. 

At Hitotsubashi ICS, you will get a plethora of opportunities to grow your network in Japan and the rest of the world. The Seminar System or "zemi" gives MBAs a chance to form a close-knit group amongst classmates and the leading faculty. During classes, internships, and company visits, you will meet many industry leaders, and given the small class size, you will have more chances to interact with them. Likewise, Global Network courses put you in touch with motivated fellow students and faculty from all over the world. 

Furthermore, our Career Services Office (CSO) offers personalized support to MBA students in their internship and job search during their second year. Our CSO has an extensive network of professionals and companies that you can tap into, and it is always looking to expand it. 

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4) Expanding your career goals

If you are looking for a career change, getting a global MBA can be one of the ways to do so. In fact, many students opt for an MBA degree with career change aspirations as their main motivation. In 2021, not only did 94% of new grads get at least one job offer within 3 months of graduation, but also a quarter of graduates managed to change their country, function, and industry upon graduation. During your MBA, you will not only gain new knowledge and new perspectives. You will also learn about yourself, about your strengths and weaknesses, as you will be constantly challenged to explore ideas outside your comfort zone. Also, collaborating with faculty and classmates from different professional and personal backgrounds will expose you to varying, sometimes contrasting points of view. So, by graduation, you may end up deciding to go in a completely different direction, perhaps, one that you have never even imagined before.  

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5) Starting up a Company

Maybe you are interested in starting your own business in Japan, and obtaining a global MBA degree in Japan is the first step of your plan. During the program, you will not only gather a wealth of knowledge on business and management but also learn about the way business is conducted in Japan in particular. Simulation exercises will allow you to try out various scenarios without putting anything on the line. In addition, you can gain real-world business experience during internships, where you can see how successful companies work from the inside. Moreover, as a new business owner, an extensive network is indispensable for your business's successful launch and continuation. The network you can grow by studying at Hitotsubashi ICS can give you the jumping board you need to succeed in your new endeavor after graduation. Sometimes, starting a new business happens even later in your career, many years after you have received your MBA degree. And even then, you will still profit from the knowledge, skills, and network you built during your time at university.


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