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Alumni Interview | Mitsuyo Nakamura

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Dec 11, 2020 12:57:39 PM
We interviewed alumna, Mitsuyo from the Class of 2014, to ask how she prepared for the MBA admission while raising three kids, how she then balanced her family and studies, and about her experience after graduating from Hitotsubashi ICS.
Mitsuyo Nakamura
Mitsuyo was a member of the MBA Class of 2014 (2-year program).
Before entering Hitotsubashi ICS, she worked as a copywriter and creative director. After working in Tokyo and Osaka, she moved to Kagawa to get married. After graduating Hitotsubashi ICS, she established solutions inc. in Kagawa to provide corporate communication strategy and ad production services.

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Topics: Career paths, MBA Program, Alumni Voice

Building a Global Network During Your MBA Program

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Dec 11, 2020 1:37:01 AM

Ambitious individuals who take the time and effort to earn their Master of Business Administration (MBA) are well aware of the many potential advantages of the qualification, which can include career advancement, higher earnings, and more. Research has revealed that networking is also key to career advancement. In fact, many mid-career professionals with MBA backgrounds credit networking with creating more professional opportunities. With this in mind, when selecting an MBA program, it’s wise to pick an establishment reputed for its networking opportunities. An international MBA program becomes an especially ideal avenue for generating a network on a global scale.  

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Topics: Global Network, MBA Program

What’s Applying For An MBA Really Like? We Asked Our Students!

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Dec 9, 2020 1:19:28 PM
Applying to school is the first big challenge of your MBA journey.

How did everyone overcome this challenge? We asked 29 students of the Class of 2020 about their MBA applications experience including the time length to prepare their whole applications, how long they studied GMAT/GRE, to whom they asked their reference letters, how they prepared for the interview, and their advice for the future MBA students.

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Topics: MBA Program

Student Board 2020 Is Now On!

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Oct 28, 2020 5:00:00 PM

With ten elected positions, the MBA Student Board at Hitotsubashi ICS offers students the opportunity to lead, support, and shape program activities throughout the year, such as Open Campus and Auction Day. Its contribution to the Hitotsubashi ICS experience has been extremely valuable over the years, as it embodies and promotes our positive, familial spirit.

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Topics: Life at Hitotsubashi ICS, Student Voice, MBA Program

Faculty Interview:Prof. Hiroshi Ono, new director of EMBA 2020

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Aug 31, 2020 11:04:32 AM

We sat down with Prof. Hiroshi Ono,  the new EMBA director from September, for an in-depth interview on the “many corrections in his life trajectory” in which he turned his childhood passion for math into an engineering degree and then switched to sociology, economics, and statistics after falling in love with social sciences. Drawing on his deep learning in these diverse fields, Professor Ono also publishes award-winning research on human behavior.

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Topics: Faculty Impact, EMBA Program

The Benefits of Completing a Bespoke MBA Program

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Aug 28, 2020 10:00:00 AM

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on businesses around the world. Everything from a company’s marketing to supply chain may have been impacted by the pandemic. With so much change, uncertainty, and nuance to be accounted for, how can professionals working in business and management advance their careers or make a successful transition into a new field?

Bespoke MBA programs are accommodating and adaptable, enabling students to customize aspects of their studies to suit their needs as an individual. Students in the Two-Year MBA Program at Hitotsubashi ICS can pursue several different trajectories during their customizable second year: 44% of students choose to pursue a combination of an internship and an exchange program, 22% pursue an internship, 17% pursue a double degree, 13% enroll in an exchange program, and 4% conduct an independent research project. Here are just some of the benefits that such an education can provide during uncertain times.  

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Topics: Why Hitotsubashi ICS, MBA Program

Shingo Oue's Must Reads Picks

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on May 20, 2020 7:15:00 AM

These are the books Professor Shingo Oue recommends you to read during this quarantine or any time! 

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Topics: Faculty Impact, Must-Read Picks

Takashi Nawa's Must Reads Picks

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on May 18, 2020 8:15:00 AM

These are the books Professor Takashi Nawa recommends you to read during this quarantine! 

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Topics: Faculty Impact, Must-Read Picks

Jin Suk Park's Must Reads Picks

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on May 12, 2020 6:05:00 AM

These are the books Professor Jin Suk Park recommends you to read during this quarantine! 

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Topics: Faculty Impact, Must-Read Picks

Leadership Professor, Jody Ono's: Must-Read Books!

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Apr 14, 2020 12:17:58 PM
Stuck at home?
We asked Hitotsubashi ICS faculty to give us their top 3 book recommendations to read in this COVID-19 environment for our students, alumni, and also our blog readers.
With more time on our hands, now is the perfect time to get some quality reading done, whether to make sense of this unprecedented age or to briefly escape from all the COVID-19 news. 
We will be delivering the recommendations as they come in, so please check our blog every now and then! Today's recommender is Prof. Jody Ono, and she includes a podcast as well! Enjoy reading and listening!
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Topics: Faculty Impact, Must-Read Picks

Summer in Japan

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Aug 15, 2019 6:58:00 AM

It's obon, an annual buddhist event for welcoming our ancestors back to this world, and a time when many Japanese spend their summer holiday. Many Japanese associate summer with obon, and many of Japan's summer scenery has a close relation with it. It is believed that each year during obon, our ancestors' spirits return to spend time with family. Although it is not a national holiday, many businesses are closed during this time, and the Tokyo becomes empty since many people return to their home regions.

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Topics: Japanese Culture

Event Report: Rethinking the Ideal Worker in the Reiwa Era

Posted by Hitotsubashi ICS on Jun 12, 2019 11:59:13 AM

Rethinking the Ideal Worker in the Reiwa Era Event I Friday, May 24, 2019 @Nagatacho GRID, 18:30 – 21:00

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Topics: Event Report

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